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15, Rue Paul Albrecht
L-1151 Cents, Luxembourg

+352 661 774 883


Monday to Saturday
08:30H – 18:00H


What voltage is necessary to run an attraction?

Your location should provide high voltage / ampère supply.

Do you have a security certificate?

Oh yes! Safety is the highest priority for us and we will hand you an up-to-date certificate on demand.

Who will take care of the setup of the attraction and who will operate it?

We offer you an all-in-one package. Our team of well-trained personnel will bring the carousel to the location, set it up and operate it. You don’t have to worry about anything!

How do you fix prices?

It depends on multiple factors. Before we can calculate a price, we need the following informations from you: Which attraction(s) are you interested in? How many days do you want to rent it for? What is your location? How many operation hours are you planning?

For what kind of events do you offer your services?

We are open to any kind of event, but so far, our most booked events are: Company family days, festivals, commune events, birthday parties or even weddings.

In which area do you offer your services?

Luxembourg and the Greater Region is our operation area. Events outside of this area are possible, but they need more complex planning and cost more money.

Do you offer discounts for charity events?

Yes, we do! If you are organizing a charity event, please tell us about it and we’ll make you a good price.

Do you hire people looking for a part-time job?

Yes! We occasionally hire students looking for a part-time job, mostly when big events are coming up. So, if you are interested, leave us a message!